History of This Letter Sortation

Presumably that is due to the visual similarity to E, 0, 1, 0, 1 0, and H respectively.
The very first letter of this Forward Sortation Area (FSA) uniquely describes the state or land, but in a couple of cases to be clarified later. Each state or territory has a Number of distinguishing letters, the Following: Even the east-to-west institution isn't geographically perfect, specially within the Maritime Provinces to the east, however it's close enough to be more mnemonically helpful.
For both Qu├ębec and Ontario, the very first letter describes a Subregion of this state. (Canada Post can give slightly different definitions of this sub regions from mine) Be aware that along with steering clear of both "banned" letters previously, this graph signifies that Z and W additionally usually do not seem like the initial letter of a CPC ( not presently).
The next part of the FSA (the digit) defines perhaps the CPC is for a urban or rural place. A zero (0) indicates that a rural space, whereas every digit 1 through 9 represents a (relatively) metropolitan place. But, as a few rural localities rise and enlarge, their codes have been shifted to signify they will have "graduated" from being contemplated rural to urban legends. This happened just to a couple communities in New Brunswick. That is, needless to say, a very specific utilization of this word when compared with this overall awareness.

Canadian Postal Codes

Popular ZIP code areas:

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At Canadian Postal Codes you can search the Canadian Postal Codes to send mail and looking up canadian cities and canadian addresses Postal Codes. The Postal Code is a unique number that distinguishes cities accross the world. Almost every country uses a Postal Code sytem.

The postal code can be formed by using letters and/or numbers; it all depends on the standard chosen by the country.

Canadian Postal Codes

In Canada, the postal codes are usefull to organize the mail delivery process. Germany was the first into use the system, followed by the US, in the 60's.

Canada Zip Code Provinces